Blueair replacement filters

Putting the pure back into your air

Patented HEPASilent® filter design


Gradient-structured progressive filter

Blueair filters resemble having many filters in one. This is a result of the progressive structure of a Blueair filter with millions of ultra thin fibers in different sizes and layers. Our exclusive design allows Blueair filters to ‘lock in’ particles in different stages. Once captured, the particles are not re-released back into your environment, even when the filter is heavily loaded. The first layers capture larger particles like pollen and dust. Later filter layers capture smaller particles like bacteria and exhaust particles.




Blueair’s gradient structured progressive HEPASilent® filter: High efficiency and maximum airflow.


Easy to replace

Our unique filter design resists clogging and allows filtration at peak performance levels with high efficiency and longer lasting high airflow. When the filter needs to be replaced (around every six months), just open the lid, take out the old filters and put the new ones in. No screws, hooks or tools are needed. And it is all done in under sixty seconds. An extra bonus is that Blueair filters require no weekly additives or filter washing.




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