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Consumer Reports: What air purifier labels tell you—and what they don't

Look at the packaging for an air purifier, and you’re likely to see one or more certification logos from testing organizations and even the government. To help you choose, Consumer Reports has decoded the labels. >


BBC: Cleaner air adds months to life

Cuts in air pollution in US cities over recent decades have added an average of five months of life to their inhabitants, research suggests. >


CNN: Drop in U.S. air pollution linked to longer lifespans

Americans are living longer because the air they breathe is getting cleaner, a new study suggests. >


WebMD: Life expectancy up, thanks to cleaner air

Better air quality partly behind Americans' longer life spans, study says. >


Ozone and Air Purification: Fact and Fiction

Find out what you need to know about ozone and air purifiers. Then compare Blueair 501 ozone test results with government air quality standards and learn why Blueair's systems are safe. >


Types of Air Cleaners

Brief, informative descriptions of three standard air cleaning technologies: mechanical filtration, electronic air cleaning and ionization. >


Choosing an Air Cleaner: System Performance

Can you name all four key performance concerns? Good advice from the Environmental Protection Agency to help you evaluate an air cleaning system before you buy. >


Choosing an Air Cleaner: Other Concerns

How much sound does it produce? How much power does it use? A list of secondary considerations, from environmental impact to sound economy. >


Ozone Generators and Ionization

Has the government established safe levels for indoor ozone? A joint position statement from the EPA, American Lung Association, American Medical Association and Consumer Product Safety Commission. >



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