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Children everywhere should have the right to clean air

Every child should be able to breathe clean, unpolluted air, yet nine out of ten children around the world are breathing in toxins that exceed safe levels. This poses serious risks to their health and development. Breathing clean air is vital to help children realize their full potential and live long healthy lives. Despite these risks, clean air is not among children’s rights defined by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Through this campaign young change-makers will be empowered to join together to call on the United Nations to acknowledge their fundamental right to clean air. Teachers across the world will play a vital role in making sure children's voices are heard. 

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Download our teaching resources

Our teaching resources have been developed by educational professionals who understand your local curriculum. The teaching resources will achieve three key learning outcomes for the students:

  • Understand the state of air quality in their city, and how it compares to other cities.

  • Understand the impacts of air quality on their physical and mental health as well as their ability to learn.

  • Understand what the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is, focused on their rights to the best possible health, clean water, and a clean environment, noting the absence of the explicit “right to clean air”.

Start now by downloading the resources for your country below! The teaching resources can be used nationwide.

We are starting with Beijing, Delhi, London and Los Angeles, but we aim to cover more cities in the future.

Blueair Polluted Beijing
Beijing, China

For teaching resources in line with the China curriculum,

click here.

Blueair Polluted Delhi
Delhi, India

For teaching resources in line with the India curriculum,

click here.

Blueair Polluted Los Angeles
Los Angeles, USA

For teaching resources in line with the US curriculum,

click here.

Blueair Polluted London
London, UK

For teaching resources in line with the UK curriculum,

click here.

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Support every child's right to clean air

Spread the word across your network by sharing this web page with educators and youth leaders! Encourage them to involve their school or youth group, so more children will have the opportunity to call on the UN for their right to clean air. Let’s work together to support children the world over to have freedom to breathe. 

Freedom to breathe

Clean air is vital to children’s physical and mental development and ability to fulfill their potential. By 2050, UNICEF predicts that air pollution will become the leading cause of child mortality. The WHO estimates that in 2016 alone, 600,000 children died from acute lower respiratory infections caused by polluted air. Join us in our vital campaign, calling on the UN to acknowledge children’s right to clean air.

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