7 Air Filters
Monitors indoor air quality and senses particles and VOCs while sending updates in real-time to your smartphone.
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Meet your new, best clean air friend - a reliable tool that informs you about the outdoor air quality in real time, and recommends what measures you can take to stay healthy.
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At Blueair, we go to any length to increase cleaning efficiency – even if it means putting spandex on our air purifiers.
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Blue Pure 211
Optional extra Blueair Pro filter with active carbon for maximum removal of heavy gaseous pollutants. To be used with either a Blueair Pro Particle Filter or SmokeStop Filter.
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Pro LPro MPro XL
Save space in the office The Pro XL Wallmount enables you to hang the Pro XL on a wall, for optimized flexibility and maximum floor space. The Pro XL Wallmount is of a sturdy metal construction.
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Pro XL
Designed for the Blueair Pro M and Pro L, the Air Intelligence Module allows you to set your purifier to auto, so you never have to worry about air quality again. Your purifier will continuously monitor the indoor air quality through a state-of-the-art optic laser and ceramic sensor, targeting harmful particles and gases in your environment.
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Pro LPro M
Time for a change? The Filter Timer will tell you.
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203 Slim403503603
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