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Professional performance
with a minimalist design
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Perfectly suited for a large workshop, studio, or office environment.
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Adapts to workplace needs with modular filters and optional AIM module
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Professional performance with industry-leading CADR
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Seamlessly blends into professional environments with durable, minimalist design
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Completely filters room air every 12.5 minutes¹
Blueair  Infographic transcript: (Icons left to right) Actively removesPM 2.5, Dust, Pollen,MOld, Pet Dander, bacteria and viruses, dust mites , vocs, chemicals. smoke, cooking odors
Adaptable design

Tailor features to fit your workspace with modular filters and an optional Air Intelligence Module (AIM).

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Modular filters

Stack the Carbon+ filter on top of the standard Particle filter for light gas and odor removal, upgrade to the SmokeStop filter for moderate chemicals and smells, or combine the Carbon+ and SmokeStop for maximum odor absorption.

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Air Intelligence Module

Add sensors and enable Auto mode with the Air Intelligence Module (AIM) for Pro M, and Pro L. AIM comes standard with Pro XL.

Designed to work as hard as you do, the Pro L model is independently AHAM verifide for the maximum possible Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

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Fresh filters, delivered right on time

Join our Filter Subscription program with the purchase of any Blueair purifier or filter at no extra cost. Get access to exclusive discounts, and filters delivered to your door right when you need them.

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Blueair Envío gratis a partir de 99€
Envío gratis a partir de 99€
Blueair Garantía extendida gratuita hasta 2 años
Garantía extendida gratuita hasta 2 años
Blueair 14 días de devolución gratuita
14 días de devolución gratuita
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El purificador de aire más avanzado de Blueair, HealthProtect™, es el único purificador de aire que ofrece protección 24/7 frente a virus y bacterias.

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A partir de € 799,00

Blueair HealthProtect™


Sencillez Plug and Play: Blue ofrece el rendimiento que nos caracteriza con un estilo colorido, en un paquete compacto y ligero.

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A partir de € 155,00

Blueair Blue


Designed for a life with less cleaning - DustMagnet blends in as a Scandinavian-style end table.

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A partir de € 379,00

Blueair DustMagnet™


Con la confianza de las personas alérgicas: Classic es una opción atemporal que hace el trabajo de forma silenciosa y eficaz.

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A partir de € 419,00

Blueair Classic


Rendimiento profesional con un diseño minimalista: Pro se adapta perfectamente al entorno de un taller, estudio u oficina grande.

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A partir de € 849,00

Blueair Pro


Con los purificadores de aire Cabin para su automóvil, camión o autocaravana, puede eliminar la contaminación del aire del interior del vehículo para que usted y el resto de los pasajeros siempre puedan respirar aire puro y fresco, incluso cuando se vean atrapados detrás de un autobús en medio de tráfico denso.

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A partir de € 239,00

Blueair Cabin
Independently proven performance
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Verifide® for performance and
Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

¹Air Changes per Hour (ACH) calculation is a product of recommended room size and average ceiling height over pCADR.