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Learn about air purifiers

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Most people associate air purifiers and allergies. But did you know that breathing pure air helps everyone sleep better, make better decisions and even dream bigger dreams? And that the health effects are multiplied for children, whose lungs are still developing? At Blueair, we believe that everyone should be able to breathe pure air because it just makes life better.

The right air purifier for your room

How to choose an air purifier is as easy as 1-2-3. First of all, you have to have the right size air purifier to exchange the air in your room often enough. Five times an hour is the standard to keep pollutants from ever building up.

Second, you have to decide on how intelligent you want your air purifier to be. Some of our air purifiers are Wi-Fi enabled, so you can use the Blueair Friend app to monitor performance on your smart device from wherever you are. And some of our air purifiers even have laser particle sensors that let you switch to automatic mode, which adjusts the fan speed to account for any sudden influxes of pollutants.

Third, choose which type of filter to use. Our advanced particle filters and HEPASilent™ technology work together to provide whisper-silent, energy-efficient air purification. And they also come in versions with activated carbon to filter out smoke and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

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