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March 18, 2023

How to ease up

pet allergies

while working from home

Studies show that our pets have done wonders for our mental health during lockdown with many even using this time as a great opportunity to adopt or rehome a furry friend. It seems cruel that pet lovers can have allergies, but you don’t have to suffer in silence thanks to air purifiers and these other top tips for easing symptoms. 

If you are like one in five pet owners, you or someone you live with is allergic to your pet. To provide relief from the sneezing, watery eyes, rashes and hives, there are simple measures you can take. Like all allergy relief, the best way to control allergens is source control but, understandably, getting rid of your furry family member is not an option. 

What causes pet allergies? 

Most pet allergies are largely caused by the proteins found in pet saliva, sweat and dander (the skin flecks shed by furry or feathered pets). These tiny flecks take to the air whenever your pet scratches, shakes and moves about your home and cling to dust particles in your home for a long time. Pet dander can sometimes fall to the ground but, more often than not, the flecks are so miniscule and lightweight that they remain suspended in the air much longer than allergens from cockroaches or dust mites. The medium-sized and large particles are still tiny and settle onto the surfaces in your home – from your sofa and carpets to pillows, curtains, bedding and other home textiles. 

If pet dander isn’t enough to deal with, there are other allergens and asthma triggers – like pollen and dust – entangled in their fur and covering their paws that your pet brings indoors from outside. 

Getting pet allergy relief 

Whether you or a loved one is allergic to your dog, cat or other pet, it is clear you need relief – especially in the comfort of your own home. Air purifiers do a great job at removing these tiny 

particles and providing relief from allergy and asthma triggers. Air purifiers also get rid of pet odours wafting around in your indoor air, so you never notice strange scents from your dog or cat. 

There are also practical hands-on ways to limit contact with pet allergen triggers, although some pet owners may find these measures difficult to do. It may be hard to keep your dog or cat out of your bedroom or to restrict their access to a few rooms in your house using pet gates, but limiting pet access and thus your exposure to pet allergens can help to relive your symptoms. 

Keeping your pet off your furniture and away from carpeted areas in your home can also reduce exposure to pet allergens. Vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum cleaner on a regular basis is another smart pet allergy-reducing measure. Give your dog or cat a bath (but not too often) and use lukewarm water and gentle pet shampoo so you don’t dry out your pet’s skin, which will only result in more dander. 

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Which air purifiers are best to control dog and cat allergies? 

Choosing an effective air purifier to reduce pet allergy symptoms can be tricky. Look for an air purifier that has a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) which indicates how well the unit filters airborne pollutants and allergens. Choose a unit with the highest airflow you can find. 

Blueair air purifiers use HEPASilent™ technology which effectively removes dog, cat and pet allergens from the air you breathe. Consider a Blueair Classic 405, 605, 480i or 680i, which are recommended by organisations like Asthma Allergy Nordic for people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. 

Tips to ease pet allergies in the home: 

  • Improve indoor ventilation by opening the window 
  • Vacuum frequently and regularly wash bedding and other textiles 
  • Use a wet cloth or mop to clean surfaces and floors often 
  • Reduce or remove carpets which trap particles like pet dander 
  • Put an air purifier in the rooms where you spend the most time 
  • Wash your hands after touching or being licked by a pet 

Do air purifiers work for pet allergies? The answer is a resounding yes! By using an air purifier, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are breathing the cleanest air possible meaning pet allergies will become a thing of the past. 

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Ready to start your clean air journey?

Blueair air purifiers are simple to use and have something special: We are the only major air purifier brand to verify 100% of our models for performance for Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

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