Meet the Classic family

Reassuring intelligence
built to last
Blueair Blueair classic air purifier standing between bed and window in room
Classic is a timeless option that gets the job done – quietly and effectively.
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Auto-adjust to current conditions with i-series
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Smart device control with Wi-Fi enabled models
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Hidden control panel
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Built to last with durable steel construction
Blueair  Infographic transcript: (Icons left to right) Actively removesPM 2.5, Dust, Pollen,MOld, Pet Dander, bacteria and viruses, dust mites , vocs, chemicals. smoke, cooking odors
Reassuring intelligence
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Classic i-series models auto-adjust to current conditions in your environment. Easily adjust settings remotely via the Blueair app, or connect with Alexa for voice control.

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Asthma Allergy Nordic Recommended
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Trusted Education Partner of British Health Professional Academy
Meet the Classic
Extra-large spaces
Meet the families of Blueair purifiers


Blueair’s most advanced air purifier ever, HealthProtect™, is the only air purifier to provide 24/7 protection against viruses and bacteria.

Meet the family
Blueair HealthProtect™


Plug and play simplicity - Blue features our signature performance with colorful style – in a lightweight, compact package.

Meet the family
Blueair Blue


Designed for a life with less cleaning - DustMagnet blends in as a Scandinavian-style end table.

Meet the family
Blueair DustMagnet™


Trusted by allergy sufferers - Classic is a timeless option that gets the job done – quietly and effectively.

Meet the family
Blueair Classic


Professional performance with a minimalist design - Pro is perfectly suited for a large workshop, studio, or office environment.

Meet the family
Blueair Pro


With Cabin air purifiers for your car, truck or RV, you can eliminate in-car air pollution so you and your passengers can always breathe pure, fresh air

Meet the family
Blueair Cabin
Independently proven performance
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Verifide® for performance and Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).
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Identified as one of the quietest products within the category.