Clean air

Clean air everywhere

Our founder was inspired to start Blueair by the fresh, clean energizing air he breathed while sailing in the Stockholm archipelago. Why not breath that air at home, in a city? The wisdom of that vision has been reinforced over the years, with more and more studies showing the hazards of poor air quality, as well as the benefits, like better sleep, more energy, better concentration and more creative thinking.

Constant improvement

Blueair pioneered and patented a unique combination of two air purification technologies, electrostatic and mechanical filtration. We call it HEPASilent™, and it delivers some of the highest-volume, most energy efficient, most silent air purification in the world.

But we didn’t stop there. Over the years, we’ve added laser particle sensors, automatic adjustment, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for remote monitoring and control, and new designs that make air purifiers more affordable as well as ready to take their place in the spotlight. Our filter technology has advanced to improve recyclability and efficiency. We’ve even improved the charcoal in our filters for smoke and gases. And we’ll never stop trying to make our products more efficient, effective, beautiful, and connected.

And we do mean everywhere

If Blueair can help you breathe pure, fresh air at home and at work, why not on the way to work in your car? Or in your dentist’s office? Or while having your nails done? Or taking the subway or riding your bicycle? How about your baby in his or her crib or pram? We are constantly looking for more ways to bring more clean air to more people, no matter where they are. Because once you start experiencing the energizing difference from pure air, with better sleep, concentration and creativity, why wouldn’t you want it wherever you are?

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