Do Blueair air purifiers emit ozone?

Though the HEPASilent™ technology, uses electrostatic filtration to capture and remove particles from indoor air, Blueair products should not be associated with dangerous indoor ozone. Dangerous indoor ozone can be formed by air cleaning techniques based solely on ionization technology, or by systems using ozone to clean the air. We understand the serious concern involving the negative effects of ozone. Blueair takes this matter seriously and ensures that our air purifiers are safe and do not add ozone to the room.

All Blueair air purifiers conform to international and local ozone emission requirements in EU/CE, US/EPA & ARB, China/GB.

Does my air purifier reduce ozone in my indoor air?

Yes! All Blueair air purifiers have been tested for their ability to reduce ozone concentrations in indoor air. The results confirm that all Blueair air purifiers reduce ozone concentrations, especially when used with a filter containing activated carbon. Ozone reducing capabilities have been tested by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden since 2016. The Blueair Classic 600 series models with activated carbon filters reduce ozone in indoor air by 95%.