How do I use IFTTT with my device?

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a free online platform that allows you to automate specific tasks by linking your connected devices to different services under a trigger-action logic: If This (trigger), Then That (action) = Applet These trigger-action combinations are what IFTTT calls applets. Using IFTTT applets will allow you to connect your Blueair connected device to your social media accounts, apps, storage providers and other connected units to automate tasks without having to log in individually to each service to perform each task. You can either build your own applets, very simply on the platform OR you can select from a list of previously created recipes, adapting them to your needs.

Examples of existing Blueair applets

If PM2.5 concentrations are above 50 ug/m3, then send me an SMS if VOC concentrations get high, then turn the lights of my connected lamp orange. Save Blueair Aware readings in a Google Spreadsheet on my Google Drive.

Where is IFTTT available?

IFTTT is available everywhere in the world, except in China.

How do I start using IFTTT features with my device?

IFTTT is accessed through your web browser or via a mobile app. > Start by visiting where you can check what IFTTT is capable of without having to sign up first. > Enter the name of your device (Aware, Classic, Sense+) in the search field to check some further examples of what can be done with your Blueair unit. > To start using the applets, create an IFTTT account with the same credentials as for the Blueair Friend app account. > Start using an existing applet or create your own by clicking on your account settings on the top right corner.