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We fight for your freedom to breathe

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We do what others can’t

Fill your room with more 100% clean air with less noise and less energy - thanks to our unique HEPASilent™ technology.*

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We innovate in Sweden

Designed in Sweden to make the minimum impact on the environment, our award-winning air purifiers are made from 100% responsibly sourced, recyclable materials – and consume less energy than a lightbulb.

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We fight for the freedom to breathe

Through CLEAN AIR FOR CHILDREN we fight for every child’s freedom to breathe. With advocacy and donations, we have improved access to clean air for over 250,000 children across the world.

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Air purification that's as easy as breathing

To keep your home’s air clean, just tap your screen.

With the Blueair app, you can control your Blueair purifier and monitor indoor air quality from your smartphone. Wherever you go, you can be sure the air at home stays fresh and clean.

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Freedom to breathe

It’s difficult to imagine anything more natural than breathing. Unfortunately, clean air is no longer something that we can take for granted. Not even in our own homes.

Blueair was founded on the firm belief that the freedom to breathe is a basic right. Today, our award-winning air purifiers are still designed in Sweden to create the safest environment for children to develop and grow – while making the least impact on the environment.

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*HEPASilent™ technology provides a higher Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) for a defined particle with less noise and less energy consumption. CADR= An air purifier’s delivery rate (m3/h) of 100% “clean” air (cleaned from a specific particle).