Pro L

Rooms up to 72 m²

AHAM verifide for CADR of Smoke/>450, Pollen/>450, Dust/>400 with industry-recommended 5 air changes an hour in an office or room up to 72 m².

Advanced v-shape filter

The innovative v-shaped design maximizes filter area in a surprisingly small amount of space.

AIM for excellence

Add the Air Intelligence Module (AIM) to your Pro M or Pro L model to enable AUTO mode. The AIM's two sensors evaluate and adjust for optimal indoor air quality.

Designed for your workspace

The galvanized steel housing delivers maximum clean air delivery in a compact design, and the sleek white appearance is designed to blend in seamlessly in a professional environment.


Noise-levels no louder than a whisper on low speed (32 dB) and equivalent to the noise level of rainfall on high (55 dB).


Limit energy costs and use 24 hours a day without concern with ENERGY STAR rated, best-in-class energy efficiency (22-170 W).


Guarantee clean air for years to come with up to 5-years of warranty coverage when you register your air purifier.