So stylish it fits anywhere in your home

Sense has won numerous awards for innovation and design, combining the very best in Swedish engineering and functional aesthetics.

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See the light.

Change your filter

Sense indicates when it’s time to change the filter relative to usage and air pollution. Once changed simply touch the red light for a few seconds to reset it.

Seamless engineering.

Easy handling

Moving your unit around is easy thanks to a seamless exterior with a built-in handle on the side.

Filter change.

Replacements made simple

To change a filter, turn the unit over and pull the handle located on the bottom of the unit. Padded handles double as the feet of the unit to prevent damage to hardwood floors.

The high-tech secret behind clean air.

Unique HEPASilentPlus® filter

Get two powerful filtration styles in one. The Blueair Particle filter includes an added activated carbon screen to stop smoke and gas as well.

Optimized airflow.

Optimized airflow

A different approach to grille design, Sense’s unique wraparound grille is designed with a 90% open area to maximize airflow, while maintaining an eye-pleasing design.

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