So stylish it fits anywhere in your home

Sense has won numerous awards for innovation and design, combining the very best in Swedish engineering and functional aesthetics.

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See the light.

Change your filter

Sense indicates when it’s time to change the filter relative to usage and air pollution. Once changed simply touch the red light for a few seconds to reset it.

Seamless engineering.

Easy handling

Moving your unit around is easy thanks to a seamless exterior with a built-in handle on the side.

The high-tech secret behind clean air.

Unique HEPASilentPlus® filter

Get two powerful filtration styles in one. The Blueair Particle filter includes an added activated carbon screen to stop smoke and gas as well.

Optimized airflow.

Optimized airflow

A different approach to grille design, Sense’s unique wraparound grille is designed with a 90% open area to maximize airflow, while maintaining an eye-pleasing design.

Air Monitors


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