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Blueair Blueair Blue Pure Max Air Purifiers
Blueair's #1 selling air purifiers
Up to 83% more cleaning power with less noise
Blueair Ear
Quietest air purifier on maximum filtration
Blueair RealTrack
RealTrack filter monitoring
Blueair Mobile Phone
An app that truly makes it easy
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Only air purifier brand with
customizable pre-filter colors
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We make it easier to be a cat person...

Sort of...

Feel confident that even the tiniest particles, such as viruses and bacteria, are captured, while larger particles such as dust, pollen and smoke are also removed.

Blueair Child playing with toys in living area
He might not appreciate your passion for design...

Or clean air...

Five different Scandinavian inspired colors allow you to personalize your air purifier to seamlessly blend into your home by complimenting your interiors. Stockholm Fog pre-filter color included.

Blue Pure Max Lineup
medium to large spaces
Blueair Blue Pure 411a Max
Blueair Blue Pure 411i Max
Blueair Blue Pure 311i+ Max
Blueair Blue Pure 211i Max
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*Based on removal testing of particles 0.4-0.7um in 60min in a 30m3 room. Performance may vary.

**Tested on benzene, toluene, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide.