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Blueair Classic: A tried and tested air purifier for people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems who want to breathe purified air. It comes equipped with powerful HEPASilent® technology, which combines the best in mechanical and electrostatic filtration.

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The new 203 Slim is small in size but big on delivering quiet and efficient air cleaning for rooms up to 240 square feet using powerful HEPASilent® technology, which combines the latest in mechanical and electrostatic filtration.
Designed to fit basic rooms up to 365 square feet, the 403 delivers the ideal balance of high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) and low energy consumption and noise for performance that's anything but average.
Designed for large rooms, the 503 is one of the most elite air cleaning systems available delivering whisper silent, highly efficient clean air delivery with three adjustable speeds.
The largest of our popular Classic series uses HEPASilent® filtration technology to dramatically reduce indoor airborne contaminants so you can breathe air as fresh and clean as nature intended.
Our Classic air purifier for large rooms. With electronic sensors and on/off timer, the 650E lets you turn the unit on and off, and change speed settings using the remote according to the actual amount of particles and gaseous contaminants in the air.
As the world’s most energy-efficient room air purifier available, our ECO 10 is naturally eco-friendlier, producing nearly 95% less CO2 emissions than comparable models form other manufacturers. Breathe better and make a sustainable difference.

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