How do I choose the right Blueair air purifier for me?

Before making your choice make sure to ask yourself these questions:

1. Why do I need an air purifier?

Blueair offers different types of air purifiers and different types of HEPASilent™ filters. When choosing a Blueair air purifier, first consider your needs.

To help with allergies/asthma, to capture dust mites, airborne mold particles, pet dander, bacteria, viruses and microplastics, use the HEPASilent™ Particle filter or the combination HEPASilent™ filters (Particle + Carbon).

To remove smoke, odors, traffic pollution, chemicals and other types of gaseous pollutants or VOCs, use a HEPASilent™ filter with activated carbon. The HEPASilent™ filters with activated carbon are efficient at removing both particles (dust, allergens, etc.) and gasses. The availability of the filters might differ depending on the country of purchase. Please contact your local Blueair reseller for more information.

2. In what room will I place my air purifier?

For optimal results, your air purifier should be placed in the room where you spend the most time, or where the air quality is the worst. Every Blueair air purifier is intended to be used within a certain room size to ensure a high reduction of pollutants. When selecting a model, first measure your room. An AHAM verified Blueair air purifier delivers five Air Changes per Hour, based on recommended room size, ensuring the air quality in a room is excellent. If the air purifier is placed in a larger room than it is recommended for, the number of Air Changes per Hour (ACH) will be reduced. If the air purifier is used in a room smaller than its recommended size, the number of Air Changes per Hour will be increased.

3. How smart do I want my air purifier to be?

Some air purifiers are smarter than others! The Blue series, for example, is designed to be easy to use with one single button to control the different speed levels. The Classic series, in comparison, offers a variety of different smart functionalities. These features include the ability to control the air purifier via the Blueair Friend app, smart sensors which will monitor the pollution levels in your room, auto mode, and the ability to connect to Alexa and IFTTT automations. Make sure to check what features your air purifier comes with before making your final purchase.