How can I get the most of my Blue product?

How can I get the most of my Blue product?

Remember that just as air conditioners and heaters have limits to the volume of air they can cool or heat, every air purification system has limits to the volume of air it can clean. Follow these common-sense guidelines:

Close your windows. You wouldn’t throw open your windows on a hot summer day and expect your air conditioner to work efficiently, because you can feel the hot air coming in and the cool air going out. Even though you can’t see the contaminated air coming in and the clean air going out, the same logic applies to your air purifier.

Close your doors, too. Just as you might seal off part of your house on a cold winter night to keep your heater working more efficiently, seal off the room in which your system is working for best results. This is especially important for people using Blue to ease nighttime asthma or allergy attacks.

Run your system 24 hours a day. Blue is designed for phenomenally low power usage, so you can run the system 24/7 without a jump in electricity consumption. In fact, it costs about the same to power one of our air purification units as it does to power a single light bulb: between 5 and 120 watts, depending on the unit and the operating speed.

Vacuum or wipe clean. If visible “fluff” builds up on the outside of the air intake grids, as it can in dustier parts of the world, simply vacuum it away or wipe clean with a damp cloth. The air intake grid is designed in part to intercept very large particles before they enter the system, thereby prolonging the life of the filter. The led will indicate when there is an upcoming need for a filter change, by flashing orange.