How does the Blueair Aware work?

Products without sensors can be moved between different rooms or locations.

You can move also products with sensors, but keep in mind that air quality readings will be less accurate at the beginning in the new location. The high-tech sensors calibrate automatically over time, learning to read the room. So the readings become more and more accurate the longer the sensors stay in one place.

For continuous and efficient air cleaning and air monitoring, our recommendation is to leave the air purifier on 24/7 in the room where you want to clean the air.

Note: After the learning period, when you plug in again the Aware air monitor to an electrical outlet, it takes around three hours before it shows relevant values.

If you change the location of your Aware to an area with a different Wi-Fi network, you must re-do the pairing of the product with the app. Select ‘+’ in the app and follow the instructions.