My device is ‘offline’ in the app

For Classic and Sense models

Your device has lost its Wi-Fi connection temporarily. If you haven’t changed any the Wi-Fi settings on your router, the device should be able to reconnect by itself within a few minutes.

If necessary, here is what you can try to reconnect the device:

  • If you changed a Wi-Fi setting on your router, you must update your app with these settings. Tap ‘+’ in the top right corner of the app and re-add your device.
  • Unplug and plug the router.
  • Make sure that VPN is off and that you are not using Firewalls (for more information about, check below the Wi-Fi network requirements: 'What Wi-Fi does Blueair smart products support?').
  • Place the device closer to the router.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi is busy with other devices.

What Wi-Fi does your Blueair product support?

  • 2.4 GHz standard Wi-Fi access point (b, g or n).
  • All standard signal encryptions: WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP, AES.
  • Un-encrypted wireless connections (i.e. Open) Please note: Professional versions of the protocols which require a certificate is not supported. This can be the case for company networks.
  • Captive portals (when username and/or password are required) are not supported.
  • Access points that broadcastsmultiple SSIDs networks or on multiple channels simultaneously may create problems of data packets being lost. This is especially the case in pairing products to the app.
  • Make sure that no firewall blocks outgoing connections (blocking inbound connections is OK) or any restrictions on protocols such as http/https or sockets.

For Cabin air purifiers

  • Check Bluetooth connection is activated.
  • Check that your Cabin air purifier is connected to the 12V outlet and turned on.