My PM2.5 levels are high, what should I do?

As our particulate matters (PM) sensors are very sensitive, high PM values can appear for many reasons: use of candles, smoke, cooking, incense, fireplace, smoking, cumulated dust, unfiltered vacuum cleaner, pollen, pets, etc. PM peaks are very common and normal, as long as they lower when the purifier is running.

In case of high PM2.5, we recommend you to set the highest speed of your air purifier temporarily and to ventilate the room.

If your PM values do not lower even after running your air purifier and ventilating, the reason for high PM might be that there is dust on the PM sensor.

After a big cleaning in your home or after unpacking your air purifier, some dust might have gotten stuck on the sensors, showing high PM values even though the air is pure.

You can get rid of potential dust on the sensors by simply vacuum cleaning the unit from the outside regularly. The sensors on air purifiers are located on the side of the unit or at the bottom, depending on the model. They are displayed by two arrays of holes.

The PM sensor of the Aware air quality monitor is located at the top of the device.

We recommend replacing the filters every 6 months approximately for best efficiency. Your unit will indicate you when it is time to change.

If you still think that your values are too high, contact us. We'll help you check that your device is used correctly.