My tVOC levels are high, what should I do?

Your air might be temporarily polluted.

Blueair's tVOC sensors are designed to react to most gases (tVOC = Total Volatile Organic Compounds). The concentration of the gases is summarized into air quality levels in the app. If you see high tVOCs levels, the air is probably temporarily polluted with gaseous pollutants. There can be many sources, such as perfume, new furniture, humidity, repellent, nail varnish, scented candle, disinfectant cleaner, laundry detergent, softener, paints, solvent, varnish, glue, dry-cleaned clothes, air fresheners, etc.

Also, the presence of humans and pets can provoke high tVOC levels (body odors and gasses), which is not harmful to your health. It only means that it is time to ventilate the room!

Here is what you can do to lower the VOC concentrations

Run your air purifier with a Smokestop filter (not suitable with all models of air purifiers).

Open the window and ventilate for at least ten minutes If you still think that your values are strangely high, contact us! We'll help you check that your device is set up correctly.