The firmware of my device is updating. How much time does this take?

The app notifies you every time the firmware in your device is being updated.

During the update, you must keep your air purifier connected to the Wi-Fi to have the firmware update complete. It is imperative you do not unplug the air purifier from the wall during any firmware updates.

The update should take a few minutes. Please do not disconnect your unit during the update!

If the update takes longer than a few minutes, your Wi-Fi signal might be a bit too weak at that time.

If so, unplug the Blueair device and plug it in again.

Then, go to your app and remove your device from the list (swipe left on the device).

Add your device in the Blueair Friend app again.

To get a better internet signal, you can try to place the device closer to the Wi-Fi router and ensure that the connection is not busy with other connected devices or downloads.

If you have access to a faster Wi-Fi network that supports 2.4 GHz, try to connect the device that that network.