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Stylish simplicity

We made Blue for creative, easy-going people who want clean air to free up energy and make them feel more alert and creative – with no complications. If portability, automatic performance and uncomplicated, plug-and-play simplicity are most important to you, go with Blue. It just does the job – without a lot of fiddling or installation instructions, so you can just relax, be yourself and enjoy breathing fresh, clean air.

Blue air purifiers are lightweight, so they are easy to pick up and move. World-leading air purification technology combined with Blue’s 360° air intake mean you can put Blue almost anywhere in your room without compromising airflow and performance.

The bottom part of each air purifier mainly consists of an advanced mechanical filter with the fan. With this advanced combination of both mechanical and electrostatic filtration, Blue catches airborne contaminants down to the size of viruses, plus pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, allergens and bacteria. The optional combination filter with active carbon even removes odors, gases and VOCs. And with its unique, 360° air intake, every Blue air filter is fully efficient wherever you place it.

The colorful fabric pre-filter comes in a range of colors to blend in or stand out. Diva Blue, Crystal Pink or something more subtle? Answering that question just might be the most complicated thing about your cool, Blue air purifier. The pre-filter also does more than just look good. It catches larger particles, extending the life of the main filter. Just vacuum it or put it in your washing machine when it needs cleaning. Easy.

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Blue Pure MINI

Available for a limited time, the Blue Pure MINI air purifier comes with a bonus replacement particle + carbon filter (that's a full year of filters) and two fabric pre-filters in dark shadow and lunar rock ($119.98 value).

  • Room size: up to 150 ft2

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Blue Pure 411

Say hello to the Blue family’s smallest and slimmest air purifier, the Blue Pure 411. It combines electrostatic and mechanical filtering technology to purify the air five times per hour in rooms up to 161 ft2 (15 m2). Just grab it, place it wherever you want, plug it in, and breathe perfectly clean air 24/7.

  • Room size: up to 161 ft2

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