High tVOCs levels

"My app shows high levels of tVOCs – My air purifier shows bad air quality"

  • tVOC peaks are normal and expected to happen temporarily. For tVOC levels to decrease, the air purifier should be used according to recommendations
  • The Blueair app can help find the source of pollution by checking the air quality history: check the peaks’ date and try to find out what may have happened at those moments​
  • Try to ventilate the room for 10-15 minutes and see if the tVOC level lowers. If it does lower, it might mean that the sensor was detecting a gas that the air purifier cannot remove (presence of human, animal)
  • If the source of pollution cannot be found: Restart the device and expose it to clean air for 15 minutes, for instance by opening a window when the outdoor air quality is the best.

If any of the actions above did not help, contact Blueair Customer Support.