Reconditioning process

We take clean air seriously, every step of the way to provide you with the savings and satisfaction of a like-new, reconditioned air purifier. When a unit is returned, our expert technicians inspect, clean, repair and repack it to its original factory-fresh state, verifying each unit works properly and includes all original or comparable substitutes for essential parts and accessories. Your refurbished unit may have slight bumps and bruises in the form of minor cosmetic flaws, these imperfections have no impact on product performance. To ensure every breath you take is the freshest possible, we stand behind our refurbished units with the same free shipping and 1-year limited warranty as our new units.


Units determined to be beyond repair are properly recycled, to put materials to use, instead of in landfills. We don’t just believe in cleaning the air you breathe, we believe in proactively maintaining a clean environment as well.

Like new warranty

Our refurbished units come with the same limited warranty as our new units. As with our new unit warranty, the limited 1-year warranty on refurbished units can be extended to 5 years by registering your unit. Additionally, joing Filter Club extends your refurbished warranty for as long you're a member.

Factory certified

Every refurbished Blueair unit goes through a three-step reconditioning process to ensure it's like new quality for our consumers. The process begins with an evaluation of the returned unit, repair, and replacement of parts, and a final quality evaluation.

Making the cut

Once a product is received into our facility, it is inspected and sorted by model and cosmetic condition.

After the units are sorted, they are carefully inspected for any functionality and cosmetic issues. Once a diagnosis had been made, our technicians assess the parts needed to bring it back to its original condition. It starts with taking apart or removing the defective functional part(s) or damaged exterior sections. Next, the interior is air blown to remove any loose debris before the entire air purifier is cleaned and disinfected. Filters are always replaced.

Once it has been returned to its original operating and physical specifications, the unit is tested and the exterior is hand cleaned once more. Only then is it ready to be repackaged in a new polybag and carton with manual and accessories. All so you can breathe deep and enjoy your certified reconditioned Blueair purifier.