Sustainability is at the heart of the Blueair business model. In fact, to improve the health and well-being of people is the very reason we exist. To bring our purpose to life, we invest time and resources in developing best-in-class air purifiers that make the minimum impact on the environment, and by raising awareness of the positive health effects of breathing clean air.

Our air purifiers are made from responsibly sourced, recyclable materials and designed to consume a minimum of energy. At Blueair, we always strive to improve and as a result we have set ourselves ambitious targets of halving the energy use of our products by 2020.

As a company we want to make a positive imprint on society. We are proud to have a gender-balanced organisation with 50/50 men and women in senior leadership. To improve the health and well-being of those most in need, our initiative Clean air for children supports schools, nurseries, kindergartens and children’s hospitals around the world.