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Finding the best air purifier for your bedroom

Our bedrooms serve as peaceful sanctuaries that provide a haven where we can unwind, relax, and rejuvenate after a long day. But what if the air we breathe in this sacred space isn't as clean as we think? This is why air purifiers have become the unsung heroes of our indoor sleeping spaces, working tirelessly to ensure that the air we breathe is free from the disruptive effects of common annoyances like dust, allergens, and pet dander. All of which can affect your sleep cycle and overall well being.


The need for better air becomes even more critical in a children’s room or baby’s nursery, where a young person’s respiratory system is developing and breathing rates are higher. We believe so strongly in a clean and healthy sleep environment that supports growth and development, we devoted an entire article to babies and air purifiers!


What to consider when choosing an air purifier for a bedroom

When selecting an air purifier for any room, a few simple specifications are available that speak to its ability to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness based on your needs. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you get to know them.

Let’s start with matching an air purifier to the size of room it will be treating. This is called, coverage. Look for models that offer sufficient coverage based on the square footage of your bedroom to ensure thorough purification of its air.


Another important factor to consider is how often the air will be refreshed in your bedroom. This is determined by a specification called, Air Changes per Hour, also known as ACH. This tells you how many times the purifier can treat all the air in your bedroom in one hour. Sleeping in a bedroom with another person? A pet? A baby too? You’ll want to keep an eye out for a high ACH rate in order to maintain a constant supply of clean air throughout the night. 


When considering specific pollutants, look to a specification called CADR, or Clean Air Delivery Rate. CADR is specified in CFM, or Cubic Feet per Minute, and addresses three different pollutants: dust, pollen, and smoke. For each of these particular airborne annoyances, a CADR rate will be specified with a number. If you’re finding the air in your bedroom often seems dusty, you’ll be happy to know that our DustMagnet™ 5440i, has a CADR rating of 240 CFM for dust, meaning that for every minute you sleep, 240 cubic feet of air has been treated for dust.

Blueair A mother reading to a baby next to a Blue Pure Mini Max

Air purifier features ideal for a bedroom

The most important feature to look at in an air purifier for a bedroom is its filtration system. Look for highly efficient filtration capabilities that can remove the tiniest particles from the air while making as little disruptive noise as possible. We’re exceptionally proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in this regard. All Blueair air purifiers come with HEPAsilent filtration that removes 99.97% of airborne particles, even down to 0.1 microns¹. And best of all, they’re among the quietest, least intrusive air purifiers you can buy. Say goodbye to unwanted noise and hello to a calm and serene sleep.


Other features become a priority when placing an air purifier in a bedroom. A calming design, devoid of distracting lights. Different modes that ensure quiet operation during sleep hours, and smart features for scheduling and monitoring air quality. For a child’s room, features like a child lock that adds additional safety are additional extras you should keep an eye out for.


Let’s get into specifics, with some models that encompass these essential attributes for an optimal bedroom air purification experience that promotes a restful sleep for you and your loved ones.

Air purifier for a small bedroom

Trust us, we know, when it comes to putting anything in a small bedroom, how it will affect the overall function and feel of the space needs to be considered.


The little, yet mighty, Blue Pure Mini Max, was designed with just this in mind. It blends into the smallest of spaces, beautifully, with its award winning Swedish design and fabric pre-filter that you can customize to your preference with two other Scandinavian inspired colors. Blueair is the only line of air purifiers able to offer this!


Performance however, is where small ends, and powerful takes over. The Blue Pure Mini Max can completely filter the air in bedrooms up to 216 square feet almost 5 times every hour. It’s so versatile it can be used in any small room.


If children will be in the area, you may want to consider the Blue Pure 411i Max which has a similar design but comes with a child lock that keeps the unit working effortlessly should it become an object of interest with the youngsters in your life. No need to worry about unplanned changes to its settings or function. It’s also certified by Quiet Mark as one of the quietest² air purifiers.    

Blue Pure Mini Max
Blue Pure Mini Max

Cleaning the air in medium-sized bedrooms

For sleeping spaces that fall between small and large, check out the Blue Pure 311i Max. Four fan speeds, including a night setting for performance without disruption, gives you complete control.


When it comes to clearing pollen, dust, and smoke, the Blue Pure 311i Max delivers. With an ability to rid the air of these common pollutants at a CADR rate of 250 cubic feet of air every minute.


You’ll always be able to keep an eye on things with a five-color air quality indicator that uses a particle sensor to detect pollution and the concentration of fine particles in the bedroom it’s treating. And don’t worry, it’s dimmable.

Blue Pure 311i Max
$229.99 $195.49
Blue Pure 311i Max

Purified air for large bedrooms

The Protect 7470i is ideal for creating a serene and healthy environment in expansive bedrooms. It’s equipped with a suite of powerful Blueair app-activated smart features, including a standby mode that activates when you leave the area and automatically turns on your air purifier when you’re near home and ready for bed. Its premium, LCD display screen provides clear and user-friendly, late night, navigation, allowing you to monitor and adjust settings with ease.


This exceptional model also offers an incredible layer of defense for those sensitive to allergens, boasting a CADR rating for pollen of 280 cubic feet per minute, ensuring the effective removal of airborne allergens for improved indoor air quality.


All this, and it’s quiet. In fact it’s one of the quietest air purifiers in our fleet.

Protect 7470i
Protect 7470i

Resting easy with an air purifier in the bedroom

Once you’re experiencing the benefits of the best air possible in your bedroom you’ll want to optimize your air purifier's operation according to your routine. With the Blueair app you can do this with ease.


Remember also to always ensure your air purifier’s filter is up to date so it’s able to deliver on its promise of pure air. Our filter subscription service makes this process as simple and worry free as possible. We love it when things are like that.


Don’t forget that, while an air purifier is central to the idea of creating an ideal sleeping atmosphere, additional peaceful practices can contribute to your sleep health as well. Remember to create a calming aesthetic in your room, we’ve certainly approached that principle with that design of our air purifiers. Try minimizing clutter to reduce dust. Be sure to wash bedding regularly, along with dusting and vacuuming. It’s all part of creating a truly serene space that promotes restful sleep and overall wellbeing.

Blueair Couple in bedroom with Protect 7470i


1. Based on removal testing of PM 2.5 (0.1 - 2.5 microns) and germs (H1N1, E.coli) up to 90min in a 30m3 room. Performance may vary. Not all Blueair air purifiers have been tested against SARS-CoV-2 and Blueair does not claim to kill/prevent transmission of COVID-19.

2. Quietest refers to eligibility for Quiet Mark certification, limited to 10-20% of quietest products. See for further information

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