Air quality is a hot topic, and while the issue may cross your mind more commonly when you’re looking at the weather forecast or passing through a cloudy construction zone, you should also consider indoor air quality – specifically in your dental lab.

Think about it. Fillings, drilling, casting a mold. There’s a lot of particles and VOCs floating around in there.

That’s where Nowak Dental Supplies comes in. Nowak Dental is the second largest dental distributor in the United States, supplying over 7,000 dental labs across the country. And now, they’re supplying a clean air solution through a new partnership with Blueair.

The partnership brings the Blueair Pro family of air purifiers to Nowak Dental, an important product offering and tool for dental labs to improve air quality for employees and dental professionals.

"The need to improve indoor air quality in dental labs is real."

Shawn Nowak of Nowak Dental Supplies says, “You wouldn’t know by looking, but the need to improve indoor air quality in dental labs is real. That’s why we are featuring Blueair’s professional Pro family of air purifiers at this year’s LMT Lab Day in Chicago, February 24th and 25th.”

LMT Lab Day is the largest dental lab event in America with over 4,000 lab owners, managers and technicians.

Throughout 2016, Blueair conducted a test with Rockert Dental, a lab in the Chicagoland area, in which the facility saw an 80 percent reduction in the presence of harmful airborne particles after Blueair purifiers were installed. Nowak estimates that a significant percent of dental labs in the U.S. could benefit from Blueair’s clean air solutions.

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