Better future

Blueair was founded on the belief

that the freedom to breathe clean air

is a basic right. 

Clean air for the next generation

Over two decades ago, our Swedish founder wanted to ensure his children could breathe the same clean, fresh Swedish air inside their home as they did out in the pristine Swedish countryside. So he set out to make the world’s best air purifier. ​

Today, our award-winning air purifiers are still designed in Sweden to create the safest environment for children to develop and grow – while making the least impact on the environment.​


Blueair + GivingTuesday

In 2020, we're proud to have donated more than $1 million to organizations in need. These organizations, including four hospitals, eleven schools, and a Chicago-based community organization, will also receive Blueair purifiers to help bring clean air to the next generation.


Clean air for children

Through our CLEAN AIR FOR CHILDREN initiative, we fight for every child’s freedom to breathe. With advocacy and donations, we have improved access to clean air for over 1,000,000 children across the world.


We collaborate with media, academia and local governments to drive awareness on the positive impact

of clean air for a child’s health and learning – and

to advocate for indoor air quality standards in line with WHO recommendations.


We team up with governments, schools, hospitals and NGOs in India, China, Korea, United States, Sweden,

Japan, and United Kingdom, and donate our high-performing air purifiers to improve children's access to clean air.


Every year on the 20th of November, the International

Day of the Child, all Blueair employees around the world

spend a day improving children's access to clean air.

Blueair is committed to creating the safest environment for children to develop and grow, starting with the air they breathe. Each month Blueair will donate air purifier units to organizations throughout the country that focus on health and environmental equity for children. ​ 

Children’s Climate Prize: Clean Air Prize

In 2019, we partnered with the Children’s Climate Prize to initiate a new annual Clean Air prize to drive innovation and awareness among youth for the number one environmental risk to human health. 

Nominations are open each year for children aged 12-17 from around the world. 

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