Blue Pure 121 Extra Protection Particle + Carbon Filter

Blue Pure 121
Blue Pure 121 Extra Protection Particle + Carbon Filter
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Blueair Blue Pure 121 Comparison

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This filter is only compatible with the Blue Pure 121 air purifier, not the Blue Pure 211+. You can identify whether your air purifier is the 121 model, if it is 28.3” in height. The Blue Pure 211+ is 20” in height. 


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Blueair Blue 121 Extra Protection filter on blue background

Added protection against gases & odors

When used as part of our HEPASilentTM filtration process, the Extra Protection Particle + Carbon filter provides protection against 99.97% of airborne pollen, dust and germs.

In addition, a layer of activated coconut carbon provides extra absorbency of heavy gases from off-gassing, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), smog, chemicals, and odors from pets, smoking and cooking.

Blueair Blue pure 121 air purifier showing all various layers of filtration

Keep your filter fresh and pollutants at bay

We recommend replacing your air purifier filter about every 6 months (when used 24 hours a day). That's because, just like a vacuum cleaner, over time air purifier filters can get clogged with pollutants, and even let unpleasant odors back into the room.

It's simple to replace in just a few quick steps, and easy to save with our filter subscription program.

Blueair icon- less noise and energy
Less noise and energy

Our unique HEPASilent™ filtration technology allows this filter to be less dense, meaning it requires less air pressure. With it installed, your air purifier will operate quieter while using less energy.

Blueair icon for Minimizes unhealthy allergens and germs
Minimizes unhealthy allergens and germs

The particle filter layer helps to minimize the airborne particles that can trigger allergy symptoms, including pollen, dust, mold spores, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, and fine smoke particles.

Blueair icon- Keeps clean air flowing, resists clogging
Keeps clean air flowing, resists clogging

This filter's unique structure is designed to filter high volumes of air while trapping even the smallest particles. It maintains maximum airflow because it's engineered to resist clogging.

Blueair icon - Easy, earth friendly disposal

Check your local recycling facilities for availability and further guidance.

Blueair icon-  Works 24/7, for six months straight
Works 24/7, for six months straight

To maintain optimal performance, we recommend changing your filter about once every 6-months when used 24 hours a day. Don't forget to save with our subscription program.

  • Filter Type
    Carbon + Particle filter. Activated coconut shell carbon pellets in honeycomb envelope. Non-woven Polypropelyne fibers. Free of chemicals and binders. Fiber shedding resistance.
  • Dimensions(HxWxD)
    20.1 x 20.7 x 3.1 in in
  • Product weight
  • Filter frame material
  • Filter recycling
    Yes, please check your local recycling facility for availability.
  • Recommended filter change
    6 months (4,380 hours) when used 24 hours a day
  • Number of filters
What Blueair models are compatible with this filter?

This filter is compatible with the Blue Pure 121 model.

What is a filter subscription?

Purchasing a filter subscription saves you 15% on all future replacement filter orders + free shipping and extends your limited 1-year product warranty to an extended warranty for as long as you remain a subscriber. At the time of purchase, the subscription will automatically schedule filter deliveries at the recommended six months. You can always adjust this timeframe from the 'My Account' section.

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How does this filter differ from the Blue Pure 121 Particle + Carbon filter?

This filter features highly-porous, activated carbon pellets for extra protection against harmful gaseous pollutants like odors, smog, exhaust, volatile organic compounds (VOC), smoke odors, and chemicals. The Combination Particle + Carbon filter uses an activated carbon mesh sheet, designed to remove light household odors and chemicals.

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