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Professional performance

Blueair Pro air purifiers boost energy and productivity with our top-performing package of professional air purification, choice of control modes, practical design and sophisticated, minimalist interface. Pro’s discreet design packs powerful performance in a small space. The flagship Pro XL model, which purifies the air in rooms up to 1180 ft² (110 m²), is our highest capacity air purifier and also has the option to add our practical wall mount which keeps it out the way of children, pets and vacuum cleaners. Pro meets the highest requirements for effective indoor air purification and is the natural choice of people who prefer durable, high-performing products like the ones that professionals use. All Pro models are solidly built, with a galvanized steel housing, and backed by an extended warranty.

Pro family

Automatic control

The Blueair Pro XL comes with the Blueair Air Intelligence Module (AIM), optional for Pro L and Pro M models. The AIM enables automatic control of air quality, with our most accurate sensors yet and informative, easy-to-read indicators. It automatically tests particle and gas levels in your indoor air and adjusts the fan speed to maintain the optimal clean-air environment.

Pro family
Pro family

Pro’s design enables easy maintenance and hassle-free ownership. Although powerful, its compact design gives it a small footprint. Or no footprint at all, like the Pro XL, with its optional wall mount which keeps it out the way of children, pets and vacuum cleaners. Advanced, v-shaped filters are foldable for easy storage and pack maximum filter area into a small space.

Synergistic HEPASilent™ technology combines two air purification technologies – electrostatic and mechanical filtration – to bring you the best of both worlds. With HEPASilent™ technology, our Pro air purifiers combine our highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) with whisper-silent operation. In fact, Pro works so quietly that you might have to check to make sure it’s switched on. And it uses less electricity than a light bulb.

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Pro M

The Blueair Pro M is designed for medium-sized rooms up to 390 ft2 (36 m2). It delivers professional performance that’s a perfect mix of efficiency, elegance and eco-friendly design. Quieter than a whisper on the lowest setting and no louder than a conversation on the highest, the Pro M will never distract you from working or keep you from sleeping.

  • Room size: up to 390 ft2

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Pro L

The Blueair Pro L is an air purifier for large rooms up to 780 ft2 (72 m2) that offers innovative technology, unmatched performance and timeless design. Despite its compact footprint, the Pro L is big on performance. Using two powerful, energy-efficient fans, the Pro L has an off-the-charts Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) yet it is so silent it never distracts your attention.

  • Room size: up to 780 ft2

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Pro XL

The Blueair Pro XL is our highest capacity air purifier, for large rooms and workspaces, of up to 1180 ft2 (110 m2). It provides more clean air than any other Blueair purifier and has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) that will make you and your colleagues feel better and more energized.

  • Room size: up to 1180 ft2

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