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The air quality sensor is located on the back of your DustMagnet air purifier, just below the top filter drawer. Over time, dust can block the sensor and may interfere with air quality measurements. Clean the sensor periodically by following the directions below.

  1. Turn the air purifier OFF and unplug
  2. Use a vacuum to remove any visible dust on the outside of the sensor cover
  3. Pinch and lift the sensor cover to remove
  4. Gently clean the sensor with a clean, dry cotton swab
  5. Reattach the sensor cover and snap into place
  6. Plug the air purifier back in and turn ON

DustMagnet air purifiers draw in dirty room air through two inlets, one at the top and another at the bottom. Once filtered by the air purifier, clean air is released on either side, at a precise angle to create a vortex effect, spreading filtered air throughout the room.

For optimal performance, use the air purifier in a room size equal to, or smaller than the recommended AHAM square footage (assumes 8 ft ceiling height). The DustMagnet 5200 series is recommended for rooms up to 238 square feet, and the 5400 series is recommended for rooms up to 380 square feet.

DustMagnet™ air purifiers are Wi-Fi enabled for remote control of settings and features via the Blueair app.

•          Adjust air purifier settings. Airflow speed settings 1-2-3, Auto mode, Night mode, and LED brightness.

•          Create schedules. Set your air purifier to run at specific times and modes.

•          Filter lifetime indicator give you an estimates of the remaining percentage of filter life using fan speed, sensor data, and filter loading data.

•          Enable child lock. Disables the UI buttons on the air purifier.

•          Clean air ETA feature. Track the progress of air cleaning.

•          Monitor indoor air quality. Track your indoor conditions over time with personalized air quality reports.

•          Outdoor air quality monitoring of the PM2.5, PM10, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, etc. around the world in real time.

•          Order replacement filters.

•          Product instructions and FAQs. View helpful product setup information and more in the support section of the app.

Getting started with the Blueair app

1.          Download the Blueair app on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

2.         Open the app and create an account.

3.         Follow the instructions to connect the air purifier

For more about the app, check our Blueair app FAQ.

Room sizes 

DustMagnet 5200 series models completely filter room air about every 12 minutes (approx. 5x an hour at 238 ft²) on the highest speed and are recommended for small to medium rooms like a guest bedroom, home office, or dining room.

DustMagnet 5400 series models completely filter room air about every 12 minutes (approx. 5x an hour at 380 ft²) on the highest speed and are recommended for medium rooms like a master bedroom, living room, or playroom.

Additionally, 5200 series models have a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 154 cfm for fine smoke particles, 173 cfm for pollen particles, and 153 cfm for dust particles via the AHAM Verifide® Program for room air cleaners. While the 5400 series models have a CADR of 244 cfm for fine smoke particles, 265 cfm for pollen particles, and 266 cfm for dust particles.

Color & finish

The DustMagnet 10i models have a standard white finish, while the upgraded 40i model feature a premium, light grey textile front, matching grey legs, back panel, and a vegan leather tag.

No, but it can be remotely controlled with your smartphone via the Blueair app. For voice enabled control, connect with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabled device.

Your DustMagnet air purifier includes one set of combination particle and carbon filters, ComboFilters, with a maximum of 1-year filter life and two permanent stainless-steel pre-filters.


The ComboFilters located the top and bottom air intakes protect against both gaseous and particulate contaminates. Advanced particle filter media removes pollutants such as pollen, mold spores, pet dander, viruses and bacteria, fine smoke particles, and more from your indoor air. At the same time, activated carbon integrated throughout the filter traps light household odors from pets, cooking, smoke, and more. Blueair filters are not tested against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).


A key part of DustMagnet technology is the two permanent stainless-steel pre-filters located at the top and bottom of the air purifier. The positively charged pre-filters act like a magnet, attracting the negatively charged dust particles.

Because this air purifier uses electrical charges, it is classified as an electronic air purifier and is tested for safe ozone emissions. All Blueair purifiers are CARB certified, meaning they’ve been tested for ozone emissions and electrical safety as part of the California EPA’s Air Resources Board, Air Cleaner Regulation (AB 2276) and found to produce an ozone emission concentration less than 0.050 parts per million.

Our DustMagnet air purifiers with ComboFilters feature integrated activated carbon throughout the particle filter media to remove both fine particles and odors and gases. While DustMagnet models absorb light household gases and odors, they are not designed to accommodate high levels of gases, chemicals, and odors that can be present in wildfire smoke.

Yes, the top of the air purifier is designed to be used as a side table. Please avoid setting liquids on the device or anything which weighs more than 22 lbs (10 kgs). For a full list of safety recommendations, please see the user manual.

The serial and model numbers can be found on the product label located on the back of the air purifier. To view the MAC address, remove the bottom pre-filter to access the label.

If connected to the Blueair app, you can additionally view the MAC address by selecting air purifier name and navigating to Product Settings › Product Information.

For optimal performance, we recommend cleaning the pre-filters with a vacuum or cloth weekly, or as often as needed. Replace the ComboFilters when the filter light indicates a filter change is necessary (roughly 6-12 months of 24/7 use based on pollution levels).

Use only original genuine Blueair filters suitable for your model to maintain premium performance over time and ensure your warranty remains intact

Auto mode

When Auto mode is enabled, the air purifier automatically adjusts fan speed based on real-time conditions measured by the integrated particle sensor (PM2.5). When pollution levels creep up, the fan increases speed, and once the air is cleared it returns to a slower speed. This ensures your air purifier is always running at the perfect speed to maintain clean air your home.

Night mode

When Night mode is enabled, all LED lights on the air purifier will dim. Additionally, similarly to Auto mode, your air purifier will automatically adjust the fan speed based on real-time pollution levels (PM2.5). In Night mode, the fan speed will only increase to the median level to keep noise levels low.

To extend the Limited Warranty from one year to five (5) years, simply complete the product registration form in the 'Warranty' section of your customer account, within (60) days of purchase or register through the Blueair mobile app

Always unplug your air purifier before cleaning or changing filters.

  • Wipe the interior and exterior of the air purifier with a soft, clean cloth as often as needed.
  • Clean the pre-filters with a dust cloth or vacuum gentle with the brush attachment. For optimal performance, clean weekly, or as often as needed.
  • Change the main ComboFilters when the filter replacement indicator appears on the control panel or in the Blueair app (roughly 6-12 months of 24/7 use based on pollution levels).
  • Clean the sensor when changing the main filter.

Use only original genuine Blueair filters suitable for your model to maintain premium performance over time and ensure your warranty remains intact.

The integrated particle sensor measures fine particle (PM2.5) levels in your room and updates the color of the air quality indicator (AQI) light on the front of the air purifier based on the current conditions. The light will show one of five colors; red (very polluted), orange (slightly polluted), yellow (moderate), green (good), and blue (excellent) to indicate air quality.

The air quality indicator LED can be turned off by setting the air purifier to Night mode, or adjusting the LED brightness setting in the Blueair app.

If your air purifier is connected to the Blueair app, you can monitor your indoor PM2.5 levels over time in the reports section of the app. In the app, the concentration of PM2.5 is measured in micrograms (one-millionth of a gram) per cubic meter air or µg/m3.

To reset the filter status light, press and hold the airflow speed button on the air purifier for 15 seconds.

Primary ComboFilter

  1. Turn the air purifier OFF and unplug
  2. Open the two filter drawers on the back of the air purifier and set pre-filters aside
  3. Use the pull tabs to remove the two used ComboFilters and dispose
  4. Remove the protective plastic from the new ComboFilters
  5. Insert the two replacement ComboFilters with the arrows pointing upwards
  6. Slide the two pre-filters back into place and shut drawers, so they snap closed
  7. Plug the air purifier back in and turn ON
  8. Press and hold the airflow speed button for 15 seconds to reset the filter timer.

Permanent pre-filters

  1. Turn the air purifier OFF and unplug
  2. Open the top filter drawer and remove the pre-filter
  3. Clean the pre-filter by wiping it with a cloth or gently vacuuming with a brush attachment (not included)
  4. Slide the pre-filter back into place and shut the filter drawer so it snaps closed
  5. Repeat previous steps for the bottom pre-filter
  6. Plug the air purifier back in and turn ON
  • The HEPASilent™ technology, which combines mechanic and electrostatic filtration to ensure high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), low noise and high energy efficiency.
  • The patent-pending DustMagnet™ technology designed to powerfully attract airborne dust particles thanks to a unique airflow in combination with charged pre-filters.
  • Double filter for optimal particle and gas removal.
  • Two control buttons for easy use.
  • Airflow options: 4 speeds levels (0-1-2-3), Auto mode and Night mode.
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote control via the Blueair app
  • Voice enabled control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices. 
  • Five-color air quality indicator (AQI) LED based on PM2.5.
  • Filter replacement indicator based on filter usage.


DustMagnet™ user manuals

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