Classic 280i

Small to medium spaces
Classic 280i
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Resilient galvanized steel. Intelligent auto-adapting sensors with boosted smoke and odor removal. Plus, advanced app and voice control. Breathing is believing.

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Optimal air for small to medium spaces

Filters the air in a 279 ft² space in about 12.5 min¹ (4.8x an hour, based on AHAM recommended removal rate) or up to 1,339 ft² in one hour on high speed to effectively lower particle levels and maintain a comfortable environment in small to medium spaces like bedrooms , nurseries or home offices. 

Blueair Classic 280i CADR vs roomsize graphic
Senses and adapts to changing conditions

Integrated sensors auto-adjust to conditions in your environment as they change, so the air quality around you remains at an optimal level.

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Maximum filtration. Minimum noise.

Only Blueair air purifiers use HEPASilent™ technology which provides maximum filtration with minimum noise. This dual filtration technology pioneered by Blueair combines electrostatic charging of particles and mechanical filtration using a unique filter design. Blueair air purifiers, therefore, produce more² clean air faster, cleaning your air quicker and much more quietly³ than traditional HEPA air purifiers.

Blueair close up of hepasilent filtration on particles
Smart device and app enabled

Total control both at home or away with smart device connectivity and Blueair app capabilities. Plus, hands-free voice control via Amazon Alexa.

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Blueair Closeup of DUalProtection filter
Removes odors and gases blazingly fast

A DualProtection filter contains additional activated coconut carbon for more robust gas and odor reduction. Odors from pets, cooking/smoking, and gaseous pollutants like exhaust, smog and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are all removed at speeds of up to 4x faster than other Blueair carbon filters⁴.

Blueair View of Classic unit from side with 5 Year WArranty graphic overlaid
Tough as steel, because it's made of it

Housing made from durable, galvanized steel stands the test of time. Backed by up to 5 years of warranty to guarantee cleaner air for years to come.

Blueair Child sleeping in bed
Sound design you can sleep on

Get clean air while you sleep without noise disruption. Quiet Mark approved for operating at a whisper quiet 32 dB on its lowest speed, and no louder than the 56 dB white noise of a floor fan on its highest speed.

Blueair Classic air purifier placed in child's room by a wall near their bed
Uses less energy, delivers high volumes of clean air

Energy-efficient engineering allows this purifier to use less energy than an incandescent lightbulb on its lowest setting at 20W and up to 60W on high. Confidently run it for quality air 24/7.

Blueair Close up of Classic 680i physical controls
Easy access hidden control panel

Manually check Wi-Fi and filter status. Adjust speed settings at any time all with a control panel located under a flip-top lid that sleekly blends into your interior aesthetics.

Independently proven performance
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Verifide(R) for performance and Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).
Blueair CARB logo
Certified to meet ozone safety standards.
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Identified as one of the quietest products within the category.
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Smart device compatible

Use voice control on Amazon Alexa enabled devices or the Blueair app for added convenience. This allows you to do anything from changing your purifier's settings, to putting it in auto mode.

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Features that fit with your lifestyle

Adjust the many adaptable in-app features to suit your needs. Everything from a child lock, to night mode scheduling, and LED brightness setting lets your purifier fit seamlessly into your life.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control
  • On/off timer
    Yes (via Blueair App)
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Speed control options
    1 - 2 - 3 - AUTO
  • Wheels
  • Integrated air sensors
Included in the box

Items packaged individually within box - please read manual for set-up instructions.

Blueair Classic 280i air purifier on transparent background
Classic 280i air purifier
Blueair In the box -DualProtection filter
Classic 200 Series DualProtection Filter
Blueair IN the box - Instruction manual 211+ auto
Instruction manual
  • Dimensions(HxWxD)
    21 x 17 x 9 in
  • Product weight
  • Sound level
    32 - 56 dB(A)
  • Air outlet
  • Air inlet
  • Recommended filter change
    6 months
  • Recommended room size
    279 ft2
  • Air changes per hour (ACH)
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) - Pollen
    200 cfm
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) - Dust
    180 cfm
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) - Smoke
    200 cfm
  • Number of filters

Guarantee clean air for years to come with up to 2-years of warranty coverage when you register your air purifier.

I've replaced my filters, now how do I reset the filter replacement indicator?​

Press and hold down the LED button for 10 seconds to reset the replacement filter indicator. ​​

I'm having Wi-Fi connectivity issues, what can I do to troubleshoot?

First, make sure your Wi-Fi network is connected to the internet, and check that your network name and password are correct. You can also try unplugging the cord from the electrical outlet and plugging it back in again.

How do I register for warranty?

To extend the Limited Warranty from one year to five (5) years, simply complete the product registration form in the 'My Units' section of your customer account, within (60) days of purchase or register through the Blueair mobile app.​

How do I disable the Wi-Fi function?

Press the Wi-Fi and filter buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds. To turn on the Wi-Fi function again, press only the Wi-Fi button for at least 3 seconds. 

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¹Based on third-party testing of removal rate of fine particles according to GB/T18801-2015 standard and pollen removal rate according to AHAM AC/1-2019 standard. According to AHAM, air changes per hour (ACH) is the measure of the outside air volume added to a space divided by the volume of that space over a set amount of time.

²Based on testing of particle CADR (GB/T18801-2015, particle size >0.3µm) in a HEPASilentTM /HEPASilent UltraTM unit at the same fan speed, compared to using H13 true HEPA filtration in the same unit.

³Based on testing of noise levels (dB, according to ISO 3743) in a HEPASilentTM /HEPASilent UltraTM unit with the same particle CADR.