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At Blueair, we state room size by using the AHAM recommended air exchange rate of 4.8 times an hour, which allows clean air flow every 12.5 min. 

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HEPASilent™ dual
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Only Blueair air purifiers have HEPASilent™ technology, delivering maximum filtration with minimum noise.¹ 

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Blueair fights for children’s right to clean air.

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*Based on awards, accolades, and recommendations issued by independent consumer associations, media publications, and competitive award programs, applicable to the US from January 1, 2022, through August 16th, 2022, for the top 10 brands on NPD Group Retail Tracking Service, Small Appliances, U.S. sales dollars June 2022 YTD.

¹Comparing CADR performance of Blueair models with mechanical and electrostatic filtration vs same models with only H13 HEPA mechanical filtration. 

When similar CADR was measured, Blueair models with mechanical and electrostatic filtration achieved less noise with less energy than same models with only H13 HEPA mechanical filtration.