F3MAX+ Replacement Filter For 311i+ Max

F3MAX+ Replacement Filter For 311i+ Max

Compatible with Blue Pure 311i+ Max; Not compatible with Blue Pure 311i Max • 311 Auto
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Blue Pure 311i+ Max replacement filter

Find the name of your air purifier on the label inside your air purifier.

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Real-time filter lifetime status

Blueair’s proprietary RealTrack algorithm accurately calculates the remaining filter lifetime based on fan speed, usage time and pollution levels.

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Quickly & easily change your filter

This air purifier features a hassle-free filter replacement system, allowing you to easily and quickly swap out the filter without any complicated procedures.

Blueair 6-9 months filter lifetime
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Less noise and energy

Our unique HEPASilent™ filtration technology allows this filter to be less dense, meaning it requires less air pressure. With it installed, your air purifier will operate more quietly while using less energy.

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Keeps clean air flowing, resists clogging

This filter's unique structure is designed to filter high volumes of air while trapping even the smallest particles. It maintains maximum airflow because it's engineered to resist clogging.

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Minimizes unhealthy allergens and germs*

With the unique filter design at least 99.97%³ of airborne particles, even down to 0.1 microns, are removed, while using less energy and producing less noise.

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6 to 9 month filter life

Accurate lifetime calculated using RealTrack. When the filter needs changing, the filter replacement LED will light up on the interface and the Blueair app will send you an alert.*Don't forget to save with our subscription program.

  • Recommended filter change
    6 months (4,380 hours) when used 24 hours a day
  • Number of filters
F3MAX Replacement Filter For 311i Max
What air purifier is this filter compatible with?

This filter is compatible only with the Blue Pure Max 311i air purifier.

I've replaced my filters, now how do I reset the filter replacement indicator?​

Press and hold down the LED button for 10 seconds to reset the replacement filter indicator. ​​

How often should I replace the filter on my Blue Pure Max air purifier?

Quick cleaning: Vacuum the fabric pre-filter every time you do a big cleaning at home or when you see dust building up. Vacuum the exterior of the fabric with a soft brush attachment.

Deep cleaning: Wash the fabric pre-filter every time you replace the Particle & Carbon filter, approximately every 6 months. Wash the fabric pre-filter in a washing machine according to the pre-filter’s label. Hang to dry. 

Regular maintenance of your air purifier will help preserving optimal performance.


¹ Comparing pollen CADR on high fan speed (Blue Pure 411a Max & 411i Max vs. Blue 411 Auto), other units may vary.
Based on AHAM maximum allowable certified rating which may vary from the AHAM seal claimed valued.

² Tested on PM 2.5, pollen allergen (Cry j1), cat allergen (Def f1), fungal allergen (Alt a1), dust mite allergen (Fel d1). Performance may vary across models.

³ Tested to remove min. 99.9% of S. aureus, K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, MS2, E.Coli, H1N1, A.Niger.

Tested on TVOC, sulfure dioxide, nitrogen dioxide. Deodorization tested on ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid."

*Min. reduction 99.9% of S. aureus, K. pneumoniae, P. aeruginosa, MS2, E.Coli, H1N1, A.Niger