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Why is there a red light on my air purifier?

A filter replacement indicator appears on the air purifier when it is time to change filter. 

Press down the filter light or the button until the red light disappears (Usually takes 5-10 seconds and may take up to 20 seconds depending on the model).

Filter timer never changes to red

To maintain optimum performance, we recommend changing your filter every 6 months when used 24 hours a day. Our units track usage time and the filter light will alert you when you have reached 6 months and it is time to change.

For the Blue Pure family of units, the built-in LED warning system around the power button glows red when it's time to change.

The filter replacement indicator will turn on when it's time for a change.

What is the recommended maintenance for the air purifier and the filters? 

Always unplug your air purifier before cleaning or changing filters. 

Wipe the interior and exterior of the air purifier with a soft, clean cloth as often as needed.

Clean the pre-filters with a dust cloth or vacuum gently with the brush attachment. For optimal performance, clean weekly, or as often as needed. 

Change the ComboFilters when the filter replacement light turns red on the panel or when notified in the Blueair app (recommended filter life time approx 6-12 months if the air purifier is on 24/7, depending on indoor pollution levels). 

Clean the sensor when changing the main filter. 

Use only original genuine Blueair filters suitable for your model to maintain performance over time and ensure your warranty remains intact 

What is the difference between dual protection and particle filters for the Classic model?

The 05 Classic models (205, 405, 505, 605) come with a particle filter installed in the unit, a Dual Protection filter can also be installed in these models for additional VOC protection. The 80i Classic models (280i, 480i, 580i, 680i) come with the DualProtection filter installed and require this filter for proper VOC detection with the unit’s auto and sensor functions, particle filters should not be used in these models.

My air purifier doesn't start.

Turn off and unplug the air purifier ​​

Check the power cable: ​

  • If your air purifier has a removable power cable, plug the cable firmly into the power cable socket on the air purifier. If the power cable is damaged, contact the Customer Support.

Make sure that there are no objects or dust: ​

  • Inside the air purifier, on top of or directly against the air purifier​, around the air inlets and air outlets​.
  • On the pre-filters, if your air purifier has pre-filters.
  • Around the air quality sensors, if your air purifier has integrated sensors.

Check the filter: ​

  • Make sure that the plastic wrapping around the filter is removed​.
  • Insert the filters and make sure they are correctly inserted​​.
  • Make sure the filter door is completely closed, or that the top of the air purifier is correctly attached to the bottom (Blue and JOY models). ​​

Confirm that your device is functioning

  • Plug the power cable firmly into an outlet.​
  • Press the On/Off button to turn on the air purifier and select a speed level. If the air purifier does not have a On/Off button, directly select a fan speed from the control panel.​​
  • Make sure that the LED indicators on the air purifier are lighting up​.​
  • Make sure that the airflow is working (feel with your hands that air is coming out from the air outlet)​.

If the air purifier does not work as expected​:

  • Try to plug the power cable into another outlet. Or test your outlet with another device. For instance, you can plug in a lamp and see if it lights up​.​
  • Connect your air purifier to the Blueair App to make sure it has received the latest firmware update (if your air purifier has the WiFi feature).​
  • If you are using a power converter, make sure to check the rating label of your air purifier and verify that it is certified for use in your country. ​​

If your air purifier still does not function as expected, or if you notice any damage on the device, please contact the local Blueair Customer Support team:​

All lights are off on my air purifier​.

If all light indicators on your air purifier are turned off, you might need to adjust the LED brightness settings in the App or deactivate the Night Mode.

Night Mode​:

  • If your air purifier is set on Night Mode, the LED brightness and the fan speed levels will be reduced.  ​​
  • When activated, the Night Mode is indicated on your air purifier, or directly in the Blueair App, depending on your model

To deactivate the Night Mode: select another fan speed on your air purifier.​​

Notes: The Night Mode is not available on all models. Different LED dimming solutions exist depending on the product. Always refer to the user manual for more information.​

My filter has a smell.

New filter​​

  • New products may emit an odor when opening the box, that is normal.​
  • All materials have their own smell, including filter materials. The filter is enclosed by a plastic bag and a cardboard box, and the smell from the product is accumulated inside. The smell from filter media is harmless.​​
  • Run your air purifier and ventilate your room to air out the air purifier and its filter to reduce the new filter odor faster. ​
  • You may also place the new filter by an open window before starting using it or run your air purifier in a room where you spend less of your time, just for a few days until the odor fades away. ​

Any questions, please reach out to our Customer Support teams.​​

Used filter / Filter used in strong odor environment​​​​​​​​​:

  • When the filter is full and gets saturated it can start to release a smell, and we recommend replacing it.
  • The average expected lifetime of the filter is stated for each Blueair product.​ However, the expected filter lifetime can be highly dependent on the environment the air purifier is in which could require more frequent replacement.​

Note: it is not possible to remove all odors, ventilation in addition to using air purifiers will help get rid of strong odors.​

Do filters have a smell?

New product may have a slight odor that is inherent to their material and we do our best to minimize that smell. If you notice the smell continues after a few days please reach out to our Customer Support for additional support. 

What is the recommended maintenance for the air purifier and the filters? 

Vacuum the outside of the air purifier regularly, especially the air inlets, outlets and the inlet for the air quality sensor.

  • Remove and clean the two pre-filters with a dust cloth or by using the soft brush of a vacuum cleaner.
  • When the filter change indicator appears on the air purifier and/or in the Blueair app, replace the filter with a new genuine Blueair SmartFilter.

See detailed instructions in the user manual.

The air purifier makes an unexpected noise​.

Expected noise with air purifiers​

  • High speed level: Air purifiers that are set on a high-speed level produce more noise because they function at faster rates. On low fan speed, the air purifier should be quieter.​ ​
  • Dirty filters and pre-filters: If the main filter(s) or pre-filter(s) are very clogged or dirty, the engine might not get sufficient airflow, which may result in increased noise levels. ​
  • Room environment: In an empty room with high ceilings and hard material there may be increased sound with the echo, compared to room with carpet and other furniture which may help absorb noise created by the device.​

If your air purifier makes an unusual sound ​

1. Turn off and unplug your air purifier​

2. Remove the main filter(s) according to the instructions in the user manual and make sure that you have removed the plastic cover from the filter.

3. Make sure that there are no objects or dust: ​

  • Inside the air purifier
  • Around the air inlets and air outlets​​
  • On top of or directly against the air purifier​​
  • On the pre-filters, if your air purifier has pre-filters​

4.Re-install the filter and pre-filters correctly.​

5.Ensure that the air purifier is with at least 10 cm from any objects or wall.​​

6.Make sure that the air purifier is standing stable on an even surface. ​​

If the noise continues​Please contact the Blueair Customer Support to get help. ​

If you notice any damage on the device, please contact the Blueair Customer Support.

What is the recommended maintenance for the air purifier and the filters? 

  • Vacuum the air purifier and its pre-filter.
  • Clean the fabric pre-filter in the washing machine.
  • Clean sensors according to the instruction in the user manual.
  • Replace the main filter when your air purifier indicates it is time to change it.

For more information, see the User manual or the Get started video tutorials.

My device can’t connect to the Wi-Fi

Place your Blueair device and your phone in the same room as the router.

Ensure that the Wi-Fi is functioning (turn off/on Wi-Fi from your phone).

Make sure that the Wi-Fi signal is strong from your phone.

Make sure your Wi-Fi is not busy with many other connected devices or downloads.

Reboot the router and try to connect your Blueair device to the Wi-Fi again.

If you’ve tried all those approaches and you are still having connectivity issues, try to connect your Blueair device to your phone’s private internet connection (hotspot). Go to the settings of your phone, activate the hotspot. Then go to the Blueair app add your device.

For further troubleshooting steps, check our Blueair App and Connectivity Troubleshooting page or please contact us. 

Why is my device appearing as ‘offline’ in the app?

Your device may have lost Wi-Fi connection temporarily. If you haven’t changed any Wi-Fi settings on your router, the device should be able to reconnect automatically within a few minutes.

If necessary, here is what you can try to reconnect the device:

If you changed a Wi-Fi setting on your router, you must update your app with these settings.

  • Tap ‘+’ in the top right corner of the app and re-add your device.
  • Unplug and plug the router.
  • Make sure that VPN is off
  • Place the device closer to the router.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi is busy with other devices.

How do I connect the device using manual mode?

1. Unplug the Blueair Classic unit and plug it back again.

2. Set the unit to manual mode:

  • Open the flip top lid and press the Wi-Fi symbol on the display for three seconds.
  • Wait until the Wi-Fi symbol is blinking and press it again for three seconds.
  • When the Wi-Fi symbol is pulsing, the Blueair Classic is in manual mod

3. On your smartphone, navigate to 'Wi-Fi settings'. Wait for the network 'classic-config' to show. Connect to it.

4. Return to the Blueair Friend app and follow the guided process.

5. When the app asks you to connect your Blueair Classic to a Wi-Fi network, fill in the name and password of the Wi-Fi network that you want to connect your Blueair Classic to.

When the LED light is solid, your Blueair Classic is connected to your Wi-Fi network. The temporary Blueair classic-config network is automatically terminated. Your smartphone automatically connects to your usual Wi-Fi network.

How do I disable the Wi-Fi LED?

To turn off the Wi-Fi, press the Wi-Fi and filter buttons simultaneously for more than three seconds. To turn on the Wi-Fi again, press only the Wi-Fi button for more than three seconds.

How do I turn off or dim the light on my device?

For Classic models with an "i" in the model number, you can control the LED light on your air purifier by downloading and connecting it to the Blueair app.

For more information, please see the App section under our Support page 

Night Mode is not working

If the Night Mode is not working, the time zone settings in your mobile phone might be incorrect.

Go to the Settings menu in your phone and set the time zone so that it corresponds to your current location.

How do I disable the Wi-Fi LED?

To turn off the Wi-Fi, press the Wi-Fi and filter buttons simultaneously for more than three seconds. To turn on the Wi-Fi again, press only the Wi-Fi button for more than three seconds.

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